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Our product is technology but our real strength is our people. Our management team represents a broad range of technological and management expertise in the solution-based industry.


Moti Maram, CEO



Moti Maram has been the CEO of Beyond Solutions since its inception in 2000. Previously he held senior positions in other leading IT companies.




Avner Tal, vice president of Sales and Marketing



Avner Tal, Beyond Solutions's vice president of Sales and Marketing has extensive first-hand knowledge of the CRM software industry, its distributors and sales channel







Ofir Albin, CTO



Ofir Albin is the CTO of Beyond Solutions since 2000. His experience in systems architecture design and development has made in an invaluable asset to the company.







Ziv Nuriel, R&D


Ziv Nuriel, who leads the Research and Development team at Beyond Solutions, has an extensive background in systems engineering, analysis and design architecture. He has worked on CRM design and implementation programs in the chemical, electrical, and oil industries.