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Beyond CRM Overview

This is really what it is all about. The bottom line.


It's true that someone has to operate the business day-by-day, but the only way that a business will succeed and grow is if there are people planning for its future.  There has to be balance between short-term and long-term success.


And while the senior executive team is making its long-term decisions, there are real people out there running the business every day. And everyone who manages a business has questions:


How will I remember to make follow-up calls on time? What things do I have to do today? What people should be in charge of what tasks? How do I follow their progress? And how do I manage all of this and still find the time to grow and development my business?


What makes Beyond Solutions unique is our ability to help clients find the right solutions for their business needs without losing site of their long-term strategic goals.


While a client's business is still growing, our proprietary software package Beyond CRM offers many of the advanced tools and functions that are generally only available in more expensive ERP and CRM packages aimed at large companies.


Beyond CRM is based on Microsoft platform .NET technology and can be quickly and easily integrated with other security-enhanced, web-based services and solutions.


Beyond CRM includes flexile, intuitive multi-language screens, multiple currencies, and many other features that provide a platform to grow as the business expands. And it also provides a solid platform for further customization to meet an organization's specific business requirements.



Basic Units Ė common to all modules:


Set Up

This unit defines the system to the userís own organization, including:

Design user fields, (compulsory/optional fields, personalized styles etc)

Define user tables

Define departments

Staff details, including all contact details etc.

Currencies used

Sales tax rates

User accounts

User authorizations

Send fax, SMS, or email to individual employee, customer, or group

Transfer data between documents.



This unit is designed for managing the organizationís internal tasks, including:

Create and manage tasks

Allocate task to specific staff

Manage messages

Coordinate meetings

Manage vacation and work rosters



This unit provides an advanced, yet easy-to-use way for all users to generate reports to display their specific data. The Reporting Unit draws on the systemís database and includes the following functions:

User can easily and quickly define own reports

Reports can be saved for later use

Graphic customization, and printing of reports


  Document Management

This unit enables an organization to file and manage all files and documents (MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook etc) created in the workplace. The unit includes an advanced search engine to find documents by key word or other elements, and the ability to track different versions of the same document.